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Bumblebee’s Learning Experiences W/c 5th September 2016

Posted on Sunday, September 4, 2016 in Bumblebees Learning

The Bumblebee’s would like to welcome to the room; Katie our new Team Leader and all of the new starters . We are sure you will have lots of fun playing and exploring with us!

‘Old McDonald had a farm.’ In our small world area the Bumblebee’s will be exploring the farm by looking at what animals they might find. Using toys, flashcards, books and pictures the children will be able to see what animals there are matching the toys to the pictures. We will be encouraging their speech by talking about what the animals are called and what sounds they might make. Can you neigh like a Horse? What does the Cow say? Baa, I’m a Sheep!

The Bumblebee’s have been making their own tunnels by crawling under sand trays and shelving units. To encourage and extend on this play we will be creating tunnels for the children to climb through, as well as chutes and small bridges for cars to go up, over, down and under. Will the car go fast? Will the car fit under the bridge? Where will your car go?

Bubbles have been a big hit with the children so we will be making our own bubble mixture for us to play with. I wonder if you can help to pour in the washing up liquid? Using a variety of different shaped wands the children will be able to explore shapes as they make their own bubbles. Can you blow a bubble? It’s a circle! Wow, that was such a big bubble!  We will also be getting messy as we explore the feel of shredded paper. The Bumblebee’s will be able to touch, grab and scoop the paper up into their hands making balls and bunches for them to squeeze as they experience this new texture. Hiding within the paper there will be a variety of different coloured and sized keys for the children to find. What colour key have you found? I can squash the paper, can you? Scrunch, scrunch, squash! Listen to the sounds.

Home Learning

  • Let’s go for a walk to the farm. I will enjoy exploring the World around me through my senses, touching the leaves and ground, hearing the noises of the animals around me and using my nose to smell all of the smells. Talk to me about the sounds I can hear, the scents I can smell and what the leaves feel like, I like to hear and learn new words.

Let’s get active at home! We can have running races, tunnels to crawl through and even blocks to stand, balance and walk across. For the younger children help me to gain confidence by allowing me to pull myself upon furniture or taking steps by holding my hands.

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