Child Care Okehampton

The Caterpillars

The Caterpillar room is spacious and inviting , children have free flow play to art, craft and messy areas. Children are encouraged to experiment and explore letting their imagination run wild. The room is self contained and has direct, controlled access to the outside, as well as quiet and technology areas.

CP OrigStaff work within a 1:4 ratio up to the ages of three and a 1:6 ratio once children have reached 3 years old.

There will be a different craft activity from day to day, children have the opportunity for adult led activities where knowledge and understanding of the world comes into play and also child led activities where they can take the learning objective and interpret it in their own way. The graphics table is always available encouraging children to mark make in all areas of their play.

paintingChildren have the freedom and opportunity to experiment and explore with paint, glue, crayons, pens, pastels, chalks, sand, water, rice, flour, play dough, corn flour, cooking, and the list continues!