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Flexible hours – Flexible sessions 

We charge by the 15 minutes.   YOU ONLY PAY FOR WHAT YOU NEED All Fees are inclusive of all snacks, drinks,  nappies, wipes, creams and sun lotion. Where lunch is provided there will be an additional charge of £2.00 per day. We have a full time rate of £210 per week  for 40 to 45 hours inclusive of lunch.  (Rate of £4.66 per hour)

Full Time children are entitled to two weeks holiday per year, which will be deducted automatically from invoices during two five week months in the year approximately April and Nov. Term Time only children available to over 3 years only are not eligible to holiday. Please note fees are for the reservation of the space not sessions attended, unfortunately all other absence must be paid for in full.  Sibling discounts of 10% will only apply to the eldest child attending.

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Current Fees  

We have a minimum session policy of 4 hrs and a weekly contract policy of 8 hrs this is to allow us as practitioners to provide continuity, stability and familiarity which help children to thrive at an early age.

Flexible Hours

Flexible Sessions

We charge by the

15 Minutes

Session Hours







Full Time Rate 

£210 P/Wk *

Up to 45 hrs

inclusive of lunch

(£4.66 P/Hr)

Rate P/Hr







All Fees


Snacks, Drinks,

Nappies, Wipes,

Sun Lotion

Session Cost 







Did You Know

Child Tax Credit is available to any family (which includes lone parents) with at least one child under 16 (or 19 if in full time education). Higher rates of benefit are available for children under the age of one or for children with disabilities. Unlike the old credits, Child Tax Credit is paid direct to the main carer (in practice, usually the mother), who does not have to be in work.
Child Tax Credit consists of a family element and a separate element for each child. The amount depends on how many children there are in the household and how much parents jointly earn. The child element is targeted at the lowest earning households but the family element is available even for relatively high earning families, although at a lower rate.
Working Tax Credit is available to anyone in work, whether or not they have children. It does, however, include an element designed to cover a substantial proportion of eligible childcare costs. The benefit is reduced as household incomes rise. Enquiries regarding Tax Credits should be made through the Inland Revenue.

Additional help…

As well as Tax Credits your employer could also help you to save on child care costs and save them PAYE as well.

Tax Free Childcare

20% off your Childcare costs via childcare choices see the .gov info on their website search  (chidlcarechoices)

Other Help

There is also a range of additional government help for lone parents or for students. The Job Centre is one place to enquire for additional suggestions and local contact numbers. Devon County Council provide further information on their DISC web site. You may also be entitled to 2gether funding.