Child Care Okehampton


The aim of our Day Nursery is to provide a happy, caring, safe and secure environment, enabling the children in our care to thrive and be stimulated through their surroundings, activities and resources. Our warm and positive atmosphere, encourages children to learn through play. 

The Bumblebees

4 Months to 2 Years. The Bumblebee room is a self contained unit within the nursery catering for up to 10 children. It consists of a milk kitchen, sleep room, changing and toilet facility. A comprehensive range of equipment in a homely environment stimulates and encourages development  in all areas. We operate a

The Caterpillars

The Caterpillar room is spacious and inviting , children have free flow play to art, craft and messy areas. Children are encouraged to experiment and explore letting their imagination run wild. The room is self contained and has direct, controlled access to the outside, as well as quiet and technology areas.

The Butterflies – Pre School

Our transition group, whose next move is on to their new school. It boasts free flow play throughout that includes a mezzanine floor, quiet area, interactive play, role play, art and craft area, construction room, home corner, area for games and an endless source of resources for even the most imaginative of children.