Child Care Okehampton

The Bumblebees

4 Months to 2 Years. The Bumblebee room is a self contained unit within the nursery catering for up to 10 children. It consists of a milk kitchen, sleep room, changing and toilet facility. A comprehensive range of equipment in a homely environment stimulates and encourages development  in all areas. We operate abumble beeMother Ducking system which enables strong relationships to be formed encouraging secure attachments in a safe and enabling environment that promotes autonomy through the baby’s own unique needs and interests. The play room is divided into different areas to allow for quiet time, imaginative play, physical activities as well as encouraging babies and young children to engage in art and messy play. Through careful observations, assessment and planning the Bumblebees will enjoy a varied day to include story, music and dancing sessions as part of the daily routine. In addition to this the Bumblebees also have access to the outside gardens and where possible they are taken for walks in the local community.

Bumble Bees Building relationships with parents is key to our success. We know how important it is to keep as much as possible to the routines that babies have at home, as to their sleep, feeding patterns, comforts, likes and dislikes as well as anything else you may feel is an important aspect for your child. Through the Key worker and our ‘mother ducking’ system we will endeavour to ensure that we provide the best care for you and your child.