Child Care Okehampton

The Butterflies – Pre School

Our transition group, whose next move is on to their new school. It boasts free flow play throughout that includes a mezzanine floor, quiet area, interactive play, role play, art and craft area, construction room, home corner, area for games and an endless source of resources for even the most imaginative of children.

butterflyThe Butterfly Room has been developed to give children the independence they crave, containing  a home corner which is changed regularly to support and meet children’s interests, imaginative play, construction and areas for games to be played in small groups. As well as having direct access to the outside, the Butterfly Pre School group is truly an area to allow Little Minds with Big Ideas to flourish.

The Quiet Area is used for communication, language and literacy. This is where children are encouraged to look at books independently choosing from our vast range of factual and fiction books. They will also have the opportunity to use various writing equipment in order to give meanings to the marks they make and the opportunity to explore technology through the use of the computer.

computer and childrenThe Interactive Area where we have a wide selection of puzzles, small construction, science such as; nature, how it works and magnets to further encourage problem solving, fine motor skills and cognitive development. In addition to this children often work in small groups engaging in a range of games and activities to promote personal, social and emotional development.

The Role Play Area that contains our home corner which is changed regularly to support and meet children’s interests. Through imaginative play children will imitate life experiences and act them out to help them make sense of the world around them. Children will also have the opportunity to explore the world through small world play such as farms, jungles, dinosaurs, cars, trains, castles and dolls houses to name but a few.