Child Care Okehampton

Our Policies

Section 1: The Learning and Development Requirements

Section 2: Assessment

Section 3: The Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements

Additional information available in the office to include:


  • Certificate of Registration
  • Certificate of Employer’s Liability Insurance
  • Copy of most recent Ofsted Ta Stepping Stones Day Nursery 

Welfare and Safeguarding 

  • Staff roles and Qualifications
  • Job Descriptions
  • Staff Rota
  • Child’s Enrolment Record
  • Permission form for photo’s and outings
  • Daily Registers
  • Medication Forms
  • Action Plan for children with ongoing medication
  • Body Map
  • Body Map Injury Detail
  • Daily Baby Routines
  • Daily Record Sheet
  • Sleep Record Sheet
  • Daily Risk Assessment
  • Complaints Record

Learning and Development Records

  • Welcome Pack
  • Key Person Letter
  • This is Me!
  • Baby Unit Settling Report
  • Baby Unit Progress Report
  • Welcome to the Caterpillar / Butterfly Group
  • Transition to the Caterpillar / Butterfly Group
  • Settling Report for Two’s, Three’s and Four’s
  • Progress check at age two
  • Progress Report for Two’s, Three’s and Four’s
  • My Day at Nursery
  • Butterflies Planning (Transition group)