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Bumblebee’s Learning Experiences W/c 26th September 2016

Posted on Sunday, September 25, 2016 in Bumblebees Learning

With the fascination of aeroplanes and helicopters that have been soaring over our heads, we will be introducing an airport to our older Bumblebees as they explore the small world play.  There will be plenty of opportunity to, dip and dive as Babies fly their aeroplanes around the playground in order to reach their destination.  Will you travel fast or slow?  Can you land safely?  What sound does a helicopter make?  Meanwhile inside the Bumblebees will be exploring textures as they create a building site that involves a range of food cereals such as shredded wheat, cheerios and weetabix.  Could we build towers with these strange bricks?  Use rollers to crush the shredded wheat or pick up cheerios in our diggers and dumper trucks? With the addition of wooden blocks and imagination I am sure there will be lots of fun to be had.

Books have become a real interest as we introduce them into other areas of our play and so we will be looking at interactive books as we introduce lift the flaps, puppets and various texture books for children to explore as they engage in adult led play.  Alongside this babies will be encouraged to demonstrate curiosity and critical thinking as they decipher how to make ICT toys move, flash,spin and open.

The babies have really enjoyed the experience of water and we will be taking this one step further as we provide different sized containers for filling and emptying. Will you be able to stop or will yours over flow?  To further extend on hand eye co-ordination there will be bead frames available to manipulate alongside our treasure basket of household objects to explore and investigate using hand and eye co-ordination.

For our role play area, we will be thinking about how we use kind hands and actions as we carry out caregiving routines on our baby dolls and make and share cups of tea in our tent.  Let’s explore and make sense of our home experiences in play.

Home Learning

  • Share a book with me or sing and tell me nursery rhymes.
  • Talk to me at every opportunity – e.g. what you are doing that day.
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