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Bumblebee’s Learning Experiences W/c 23rd October 2016

Posted on Sunday, October 23, 2016 in Bumblebees Learning

Food, food, glorious food.  From the interest of our shops outside, this week we are adding to our kitchen by providing real fruit and vegetables for the Bumblebees to explore in their play.      These will be investigated further during our art and craft times with vegetable printing, using utensils to chop and even some food tasting sessions.  Did you know that Beetroot makes a wonderful colour for painting alongside green spinach!  Let’s explore.  The coloured rice has proven so popular that this will be extended on with and the addition of spices to make some wonderful smells as children use pots, spoons and scoops to pour, fill and empty.  Can you count as you scoop? One, two, three….

In the kitchen, we have loved our new metal pots and pans and have discovered that they make a wonderful noise when hit with a spoon.  To encourage and extend on this further their will be a range of musical instruments and other noisy objects to explore in the open ended play, not forgetting our body percussion and singing voices too.

From our gross motor skills of large car washing, we are scaling it down to our fine motor skills as we introduce it into our small world play.  With little bowls of soapy water, sponges and paintbrushes will you be able to get those toy cars clean.  While on the table maybe you will make bubbles and marks too. With this play there will be the introduction of the garages and think about other types of transport and their uses such as buses, taxis, lorries, bikes and of course the most important; emergency vehicles.

Home Learning

I need to explore lots of different things to find out what I can do with them.  Let me make a mess. Let me play with toys that make different noises.

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