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Bumblebee’s Learning Experiences W/c  21st November 20

Posted on Sunday, November 20, 2016 in Bumblebees Learning


This week the Bumblebees are going on a magic train ride as they explore colours.  Look out for the range of colours as they sort trains and carriages to match before pushing them around their own designed train track.  On reaching the station, children will be able to disembark to discover the camping site where the teddy bear picnics will be taking place.  Will you have tea for two?  Over the week we will be exploring this role play further by making and eating actual picnic food to share with our friends at snack and tea time whilst sat on the traditional blanket.

Our younger babies will be exploring the senses of the outdoors by bringing it in to discover the feel of grass, logs, large shells, pebbles and ice alongside the familiar wooden, metal objects, materials and sensory bottles.  Alongside there will be the addition of our object bags to encourage further sounds and language.

With lots of fun discovering textures, we will be digging deeper as we discover the consistency of damp sand and how we can mould shapes using a range of designs and scoops.  Meanwhile, outside we will be creating a farmyard scene using grass, hay, and compost to continue our love of the farm.

In our construction area, we will be introducing the fascination of magnets as we attempt to stick them together to form creations other than towers.  Will we be able to fit the different shapes together to build and balance?

Home Learning

  • Let me help you share out the sandwiches or fruit onto plates, so that everyone has something to eat.
  • Give me an old telephone so that I can pretend to phone you.
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