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Bumblebee’s Learning Experiences W/c 20th February 2017

Posted on Sunday, February 19, 2017 in Bumblebees Learning

With the weather turning colder and the frosty mornings, it’s time to explore ice in the warmth of the indoors.  We are about to have a lot of fun as we make marks with coloured ice lollies.  Explore the texture of ice as it changes from crunchy to slushy and discover hidden treasures within the ice cubes.  Let the investigation begin.  Who knows if we’re lucky we may be able to explore some snow too!

Keeping the water feature going welcome to our underwater rock pool, where we will be able to see beneath the sea and look at the beautiful corals, shells and sea life that live there.  Just like at the seaside, children will be able to collect their findings in their fishing nets and buckets.  So take off your socks, roll up your trousers and get stuck in!  Meanwhile, for a visit to the beach, you may need a picnic so on your way stop off at the local supermarket to pick up your goods.  What will you choose and will you need one bag or two?

Over in the construction and soft play area, the younger ones will be getting busy with a range of building blocks to explore.  With the help of the older ones, we will be looking to build and destruct as we balance a brick on a brick for towers galore.  But what’s more fun building or knocking down? We’ll let you decide.

Home Learning

  • Let me explore mud, rain or snow
  • I need to explore lots of different things to find out what I can do with them.  Let me make a mess.
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