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Bumblebee’s Learning Experiences W/c 19th September 2016

Posted on Sunday, September 18, 2016 in Bumblebees Learning

Our Bumblebees have been very observant whilst being outside, noticing a range of environmental sounds such as the fire engines, helicopters, aeroplanes and such.  Taking note of these interests we will be introducing the fire engines, station and persons into our small world play.  Here they will investigate the buttons levers and lights as they charge to the rescue.  Will they get that cat down from the tree in time?  As we encourage our older Bumblebees to become more independent in their dressing we will be looking at the Fire Person’s uniform and be attempting to put on our own trousers, complete fastenings and attempt to put our boots on the right feet. How do we look?  As we place on our helmets we can have a quick look into the mirror to see.

Our Bumblebees are fascinated with objects that join together and this week we will be working on our fine  motor skills to see if we can fix various construction together.  For the younger Bumblebees who have enjoyed the musical instruments and the filling and emptying we will be combining the two.  How many will fit in the wooden pot?  What will it sound like if I shake it?  Does it sound differently in the tin?  Let’s explore and find out.  Leading on from our love of music we will be providing plenty of opportunities to explore our singing voices further as we introduce song bags that relate to a familiar rhyme .  I wonder what we could sing if we pulled out a sheep?

With lots of new starters we are looking to make them feel safe and secure, enabling us to build up strong relationships.  With cosy dens that include cushions and blankets we will be creating lots f me time as we incorporate physical interactions that include bouncing games, action rhymes and of course the old favourite peek-a boo.  In our malleable area we will be creating a sensory experience with a range of materials that will enlighten us with colours and textures.  We will use language to describe and the opportunity to drape and snuggle ourselves inside them.  Who knows we may even be able to dance and move to the music as we play.

Home Learning

  • Create a cosy den at home and snuggle down to read some favourite stories with me.
  • Let’s discover the outside together and talk about the sounds that we hear.
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