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Bumblebee’s Learning Experiences W/c 17th October 2016

Posted on Sunday, October 16, 2016 in Bumblebees Learning

After our soapy sand where things sank and had to be found, this week we will be exploring and finding hidden objects amongst the coloured rice.  On finding them what will they feel like?  Can you use your words to name them?   Will you be able to use your pots and scoops to hide them again?

Our Post boxes have been so popular that the Bumblebees have helped to create their own posting board, with which there will be various shapes and holes at different heights.  Will the objects drop high or low? Can you slot the right object through the right shape or size?

Outside our interest in cars and vehicles will be taking a different turn this week as we introduce bubbles and brushes and invite the children to wash our cars.  Whilst their cars are being washed, the Bumblebees will have the opportunity to do their grocery shop at the Stepping Stones Supermarket or to snuggle up with a good book in their home made library.  Once back inside they can unpack their shopping and put it away in their kitchen before sitting dow to have tea and cake with their friends.

In our small world area we are returning to our enjoyment of dumper trucks, diggers and small bricks as we use them to fill and empty before building something tall, short, wide or long.  With the interest of filling and emptying there will be a wide range of containers and baskets full of interesting items.  These will be open to investigation as the Bumblebees explore and discover similarities and differences through sorting and matching these items of interest, engaging in open ended play…

Home Learning

  • Play hide and seek games where I have to find one of my toys
  • Let me explore what “full” and “empty” looks like when I’m playing in the bath with plastic bottles.
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