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Smoking Policy

Posted on Sunday, May 3, 2015 in Our Policies

Smoking Policy

Stepping Stones Day Nursery has a full understanding of the effects that smoking can have on babies and young children.  Where we do appreciate that adults do have the right to make a decision as to whether they smoke or not, we feel that children have the right to be able to play in a safe, clean and healthy environment which includes the air that they breathe.


In recognition of this Stepping Stones Day Nursery has a strict No Smoking Policy and endeavours to ensure that smoking does not occur in any rooms, outside play area or close proximity of the nursery boundaries.

In addition to this we feel that as responsible adults, Stepping Stones will not tolerate employees who smoke on their breaks or come into the nursery with their clothes smelling of smoke.

We recognise that this is a new policy and will therefore be flexible in supporting existing staff

to give up smoking and also requesting that during their working day staff do not smoke.  However new staff being recruited will be informed of our policy during the interview procedure.

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