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Complaints Policy

Posted on Monday, May 4, 2015 in Our Policies

Complaints Policy

Stepping Stones Day Nursery aims to provide the highest quality care and education for all our babies and children.  We aim to offer a welcome to each individual child and family and to provide a warm and caring environment within which all children and babies can learn and develop as they play.  We believe parents and children are entitled to expect courtesy and prompt careful attention to their needs and wishes.  It is important to note that no parent or carer will be discriminated against, as your views and experiences are important to us and will help us to reflect and provide a better service.

Making Concerns Known

A parent who is uneasy about any aspect of the nursery’s provision should first of all talk over any worries and anxieties with the group’s team leader or manager.  If this does not have a satisfactory outcome within a couple of weeks, or if the problem reoccurs, the parent should put the concerns or complaint in writing and request a meeting with the owner of the setting.  Both parents and the owner should have a friend or partner present if required and an agreed written record of the discussion should be made.

We believe that most complaints are made constructively and can be sorted out at an early stage.  We also believe that it is in the best interests of the nursery and parents that complaints should be taken seriously and dealt with fairly and in a way which respects confidentiality.

Stepping Stones Day Nursery must investigate all written complaints relating to the requirements and notify complainants of the outcome of the investigation within twenty eight days of having received the complaint.

Stepping Stones Day Nursery must provide Ofsted on request with a written record of all complaints made during any specified period, and the action which was taken as a result of each complaint.

Should a parent or carer feel that the complaint is of such a nature that it cannot be discussed with Stepping Stones.

There is a confidential Ofsted number to call which is 0300 1234666 when calling you may state our reference number EY 4088125 and they will deal with your complaint in 


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