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Caterpillar’s Learning Experiences W/c 6th February 2017

Posted on Sunday, February 5, 2017 in Caterpillars Learning

The enjoyment of sounds continues this week with the addition of sounds and noises from a wide range of animals.  Will you be able to tell the difference between a dog and a pig or a cat and a lion?  Through our animal sound lotto, you will certainly have plenty of opportunities to try.  With a range of animals on display, you will also be able to have a try at imitating the sounds yourself as you play with them in various scenarios.   As we think about creating noises, we will be making our sound board out of tinfoil and will be listening and thinking about the noises we make as we drop various textures on to it.  What will fall rice sound like?  Could we make the sound of a fire work?  Let’s explore.

The pre positions have encouraged a lot of relevant languages and are now making us think about opposites as we talked about in and out, under, over, top and bottom.  We will be exploring these concepts further as we use wooden grading boxes and different sized buttons also to incorporate big and small.  Over in our farm which has been a huge success, we will be incorporating houses and pens for our animals and thinking about textures as we introduce hay, shredded paper, grass and wood shavings.  Think how cosy they will be!

Lastly, the children are becoming so independent at attempting to put their coats on that we will be encouraging fastenings with our zippy animals to extend them further.  Once outside the children will be enjoying a range of handbags and purses to put their belongings in, an assault course to practise their gross motor skills and a texture of Jellibaf as they explore the sea side in a small world scenario.

Home Learning

  • Let me try and dress myself.
  • When we’re playing with things, use new words to describe what I’m doing with them or tell me what they are called.
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