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Butterflies Learning Experiences W/c 30th January 2017

Posted on Sunday, January 29, 2017 in Butterflies Learning

Our love of water still continues, and this week we will be thinking about patterns as we use pipettes and various colours to fill ice cube trays, bottle lids, bun tins, etc.  From the interest of washing and hanging clothes out to dry, we will be looking at sequencing in our maths area as we practice our fastenings on various clothing.  What will you put on first?  As for the clothes line, we will be looking to see if we can hang our numbers in the right order from one to ten.  Or maybe you will want to make a pattern line with all the different coloured socks. Can you make a pattern of two?  How about three?  To continue with maths outside we will be creating simple problems for the children to solve by throwing beanbags into hoops and asking them how many all together.  Numeral recognition will continue with the aid of the traditional hopscotch game, feel free to join us! In addition to this look out for our football obstacle course, where children will have to show their skills as they manoeuvre the ball around cones, into hoops and down ramps.  The challenge is on!

The Butterflies have loved the car and road safety role play with some drawing maps of where they needed to go.  This week to extend on further we will be looking at buildings, what they are made of and what are their uses.  This will involve lots of construction, modelling and role play as we also introduce stories into our play such as the Three Little Pigs.  Likewise, the children have developed their interest of mini beasts, which will be brought into our small world area as we use magnifying glasses and create habitats to suit using logs, grass, gravel and sand.

Home Learning

  • Make skittles with me from plastic bottles.  Play games where we have to keep a score of how many skittles we’ve knocked down.
  • Let me build from cardboard boxes or wooden bricks.  Use words like “long” or “tall” to describe my model.
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