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Butterflies Learning Experiences W/c 20th February 2017

Posted on Sunday, February 19, 2017 in Butterflies Learning

Once Upon a Time…. Following on from last week our interests have bloomed and this week we will be exploring the traditional fairy tales of our childhood as we read and act out some of our favourites.  Will you be the princess who can feel the pea under all those mattresses? Will your frog turn into a prince?  It will be great fun designing our outfits with all those wonderful materials that we talked about last week, and some of our children are turning out to be great costume designers.

Once dressed up what better than to go to the ball?  Whether Cinderella or the Ugly sister there will be beautiful music to dance to and princes galore.  What will your favourite tune be?  Can you sing along?  Will you be able to move to the beat?  Let’s boogie!

Our wet sand has been enjoyed by all and this week we will be incorporating it into our maths area as we attempt to stretch socks to different lengths as we fill them with sand.  Once filled we will be hanging them on our washing line in size order from small to big or big to small.  As they stretch, we will also be considering weight and making predictions. With the addition of scales, we will be able to check our answers.  Our junk building continues, and now we will be considering how to make a permanent feature as we think about what we can use to fix the models together.  With the addition of pens, crayons, paper and paint I wonder whether a castle and a drawbridge is a possibility.  We’ll let the children decide as they work together to build.  Who knows they may want a cave for a dragon instead.

Last week the children explored magnets and how they worked, we want to investigate how well they repel and attract in different liquids and substances.  Can a magnet move through wood?  What about water and sand?  Believe it or not, we’re not even sure, so it will be fun finding out together.

Home Learning

  • Do not forget that I love being read to and sharing books with you.
  • Sing and dance with me to my favourite songs.  Let’s have a party.