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Butterflies Learning Experiences W/c 13th February 2017

Posted on Sunday, February 12, 2017 in Butterflies Learning

The mini beasts topic has been a huge success, and the outdoor environment continues for yet another week as we think about making mini wormery’s, nesting boxes and bird feeders to hang up and watch.  It is the time of year that we need to consider getting ready for planting as we aerate the soil and weed the ground.  We will be going on walks to the local pond to discover the frog spawn to see and discover it’s natural habitat.

Talking of natural materials, we will be taking the interest of wet sand and mark making to a different extreme as we add pebbles, pinecones, shells and sticks to the equation.  Will you be able to write your name?  What other words can you spell?  Many children are now very good at listening and naming the initial sound in words.  Now is the time to start recognising and naming these letters and there is no better way than going on a letter hunt.  Which letter will you find, sound out and name?

We were very lucky last week due to Katie’s kindness who brought in a fantastic range of fabrics and materials which have sparked the imagination of many children while being wrapped and enrobed in these wonderful garments of their making.  This will be extended on by introducing books and music of other cultures and exploring how we all dress differently according to different parts of the world and their customs.  I expect that the dressing up of princesses and dragons will still fall alongside these thoughts and so upstairs welcome to our small world kingdom.  Children will be able to act out their favourite stories using these small world figures, and I am sure that they will even use their imagination to elaborate on the final ending.

Over in our maths area, we will be looking at 2D and 3D shapes as we build and create with a range of cylinders, pyramids and cuboids. What will you build?  Can you find the right shape to fit into that space?  What shape is a door or a window?  What shape would you need to build a spire?

Home Learning

  • Make and play games with me that use letters and words.
  • Go on a shape hunt inside or out to find things which are the same like “circles” or “spheres”.
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