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Use of IPads Policy

Posted on Thursday, May 21, 2015 in Our Policies

Use of iPads

  • Personal forms of technology must not be used within the setting. Only an authorised

setting ipad should be used to take images. Use of personal technology must be prohibited at all times.

  • Parental permission should always be sought to take still and moving images

(refer to parental permission slip).

  • Parental permission should be sought to take and use photographs offsite for professional, marketing and training purposes. This may be in addition to parental permission sought for onsite images.
  • Parental permission should be sought on every transition through the nursery or when records are being updated, if this is earlier.
  • Each group will have access to their own authorised ipads for which the room leader is responsible.
  • This ipads should be easily accessible to capture spontaneous moments to support the observation requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage, and to share with parents.
  • The designated persons for safeguarding should be responsible for memory sticks and storage devices.
  • All photos will be printed on the premises and used solely for either children’s development books or wall displays to show parents their learning journeys.  Once printed and used appropriately all other copies will be destroyed.
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