Child Care Okehampton

Terrorist Attack / Emergency / National Disaster

Posted on Friday, October 9, 2015 in Our Policies

The care and security of your child is paramount, our first priority will be the safety of children and staff. We will do every thing possible to comfort, support your children in  the event of such an incident.

We will at all times comply fully with the instructions of the emergency services and consistently reassure children in our care.

If you are caught up in an incident we will continue to care for your child until you or a nominated person is able to collect.

We are conscious of the need for communication which may be disrupted, we will therefore attempt to contact you on a regular basis and ask that you do the same. We will access the situation on an ongoing basis but always have your child’s welfare and safety in mind taking direction from the emergency services at all times.

We hope that we will never need to put this policy into operation, we are of course happy to further discuss any issues you may have with the above.





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