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Stepping Stones News Letter June 2017

Posted on Friday, May 26, 2017 in Newsletters

Dear Parents,

We are nearly half way through the year and the older children are buzzing with excitement as they start to talk about their new schools, class rooms and teachers.  For us it’s a busy time as we think about the children’s transitions and the younger children moving and settling into their new groups.

As you are probably aware we have had some staff changes just lately and alongside Hayley leaving us in August to go on Maternity, we will be making some changes to the groups in July  in readiness for September. 

Staff Changes

Laura who has been Team leader for the Caterpillars, will be taking on the role of Team leader in the Butterfly group, working alongside her will be Mika, Katrina, Louise, Katie and Kymberley.  Meanwhile in the Caterpillar Group, Jess will be taking on Team Leader and working alongside her will be Naomi, Ness, Rachel, Abby and Emma.

During the Summer Holidays, we are aiming for the older children that are off to school to use the Dragonfly Room in order for activities to be appropriately planned for them.  Likewise the other children due to move rooms, will have the opportunity to settle over a longer period of time, allowing them to adjust to the new rooms and routines in readiness for our September intake.

Transition Reports for Children going to school

The Butterfly staff aim to complete all reports for children by the third week of June.  Parents will be given the opportunity to read these and add any additional comments and information that they feel will be relevant for their child’s transition into school.  The deadline for these reports to be sent to the schools is the 30th June. If you still have a report after this deadline, then it will be your responsibility to take it to your child’s school.

Tapestry for School Leavers

The School leavers Tapestry will be completed by the 30th June in readiness for your collection of your child’s memory stick.  The memory sticks can be collected between the 10th and the 23rd July. Please note we will not be doing these on Graduation Day

Term Dates / Graduation Party

The last day of Term is Monday the 24th July.  This will also be the day of our Graduation Party, please note this is just for the school leavers only.   The Party will be from 10.00 – 11.30, with parents invited to attend from 11.15 for a small performance and presentation.

All children return back to Nursery on Monday the 4th September.

To All Remaining Children

The Bumblebees, Caterpillars and younger children of the Butterflies are all invited to make appointments with their Key Worker to discuss their children’s learning and development in conjunction with Tapestry.  If your child is about to make the transition to another group then this is a worthwhile opportunity to discuss what the expectations  and outcomes of the new group will be and to have look around the new room.

Flexible Funding

Thank you to all those parents who attended our Open Evening with regards to the Government 30hr free funding.  From the consultations, we have now finalised how we are going to implement this within our setting and remain viable.  All parents that attended that evening have been allocated their spaces.  Children already doing sessions outside the free session will automatically be moved to the Guaranteed Sessions and fee structure unless you inform us otherwise.

Please read the information given alongside this newsletter and consider your options.  We do have a waiting list with parents who are eager to obtain spaces from September, however we are giving you until Friday the 30th June to make your decisions based on the new criteria.  All spaces will now be given on a first come first serve basis.

Help With Child Care

The Government have set up the new Child Care Choices if you have not registered you must as you are missing out on potential savings on your care and £2000 towards your current  costs

Two Year old Checks

All children from the age of 24 months are due a two year check.  It is a legal requirement for us as practitioners to write reports in readiness for these reviews with the Health Visitor.  Unfortunately there are times when we miss these due to not being told.  With this in mind all two Year checks will be done at 24 months and will be given to you in advance to be put in your Red Book.

Spare Clothing

Please can we ask you all to look at home for clothing that belongs to the Nursery. Unfortunately due to parents not returning these items we now have no trousers for boys or girls.  In the meantime can I ask all parents to pack spare clothing for their children in a bag that can be kept on their peg just in case.

Last but definitely not least we would like to wish all our school leavers and their families all the best for the future and hope that you all enjoy the next stage of your exciting journey. It has been a real pleasure getting to know you all.   Thank you to all of our parents old and new for your continuous support.

Best Wishes

Clare and Chris.

Don’t forget if you child is due to or is already getting funding we need your booking forms back by the 30th June, if you wish to claim the free sessions with your preferred times. Children already doing sessions outside the free session will automatically be moved to the Guaranteed Sessions unless you inform us otherwise.

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