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Newsletter April / May 2019

Posted on Monday, April 15, 2019 in Newsletters

Dear Parents,
Easter is upon us alongside Spring and we are presently enjoying the experiences of New Life as we watch our Tadpoles transform into frogs and Lorraine and the Butterflies care for our seeds and bulbs. This is the month that the Butterflies will be finding out which school they will be attending and where we start getting ready for the transitions on to the next part of their journey.

New Staff
We would like to welcome two new members of staff. Hannah has joined the Caterpillar group and will be working with the younger twos. Hannah has had previous experience working in a Day Nursery in Crediton and is Level Three qualified. We would also like to introduce you to Kim who will be working in the Bumblebee Unit, she is also Level Three and is looking forward to getting back into the childcare sector after having her own son. In the meantime Kim has been working at a local school as a lunchtime assistant.

Maternity Leave!
As you are all probably aware Laura is shortly due to leave us to go on Maternity Leave and Kymberley has just recently announced that she too is expecting. If you would like to borrow our special chair – please ask! We are pleased to announce that Jess and Katrina are both returning to work after their maternity leave and we are looking forward to welcoming them back in the upcoming months.

Two Year Checks
You may or may not know, but all children at the age of two are invited to have a two-year development check carried out by their Health Visitor. At these appointments the Health Visitor expects you to bring with you, not only your red book but also a report from the setting that your child attends. This is a legal requirement. Although we endeavour to write these reports, we are finding that parents are not informing us of their checks or asking for the reports. At this current time, we write the reports for the children at 26 months, however, if you require one before can you please let us know. It is your responsibility as much as ours!

Transition Documents
The Butterflies are beginning to write your children’s transitions in readiness for school. In a few weeks, you will be given them to read with the opportunity to make a comment and talk about your child. This is a very important document and new teachers like to hear from different aspects of the Childs life. You and your Childs’ voice are the most important. We would like these transitions completed and returned by the 24th of May. If we do not receive your document by this date, it will be your responsibility to take it to your designated school.
Graduation Party
Graduation will be taking place on the 19th July at 10:00 – 11:30 p.m. We request that the parents turn up at 11:00 to see a small performance performed by the children and to allow them to collect a small token of their time with us.

As of next month, the Butterflies will still be planning and observing the children in their care to ensure that their learning and development continues. However, Tapestry will be winding down due to the fact that Transitions will have been completed and we would like to be able to prepare the journals ready for you to have as a keepsake. For more details about receiving your Childs tapestry please keep an eye out for the notices in the Butterfly Room.
Summer Menu Vicki our cook has been busy and our new Summer Menu is now in place, please look on the app for the menus or in the foyer upon arrival.
Availability Unfortunately we are struggling to accommodate any more children or changes of hours at this current time. The Bumblebees are now full until April 2019, and the Caterpillars until September 2020. The Butterflies do have some limited space in September 2019. Please consider this when requesting a change in day and be prepared, that sadly we may have to say no.

Check your Term Dates From the above can you please make sure that you check our Term Dates which are on display in the Foyer. Unfortunately, at times these do vary from the School Terms. Times, Please ensure that you are in for the right hours, to ensure that we are always in ratio and can provide the best care.
Term Time Only Parents if your child is term time only, then please be aware that we cannot offer extra sessions during holiday times, except for emergencies which will need to be authorised by the Team Leaders.

Fees from September 2019
We are very conscious of the needs of parents when raising fees and it is something we do with reluctance. However not having increased rates since 2016, out of necessity to meet our overheads and to ensure we continue the quality of care we provide, it is with regret that it is now time to do so. A number of children will already be on the new rates if you have recently started.
We have tried to keep the increases to a minimum and do not look to increase fees unless absolutely essential. We feel it is only fair to give parents time to consider other options should they need to do so, but more importantly to plan ahead.

9Hr Rate 4.85 Phr, 8Hr Rate 5.40Phr, 7Hr Rate 5.60 Phr, 6Hr Rate 5.80 Phr, 5Hr Rate 6.00 Phr, 4Hr rate 6.65. Lunches fees remain unchanged.
Full-Time Rate 40hrs + £195 P/Wk

The full price list with terms and conditions is available on our web site

Dates For Your Diary
15th April: Look at your Emails, today is the day that you should hear which school your child will be attending. Please remember if you are not happy with the choice, you can appeal.
19th April: It’s Good Friday – The nursery will be closed.
22nd April: It’s Easter Monday – The nursery will be closed.
23rd April: St Georges Day- The nursery will be having a communal picnic to celebrate!
25th April: Come and attend our Toilet Training Evening with Bladder Lady! The evening starts at 6.00p.m. and is delivered by a trained professional.
24th May: Transitions for the Butterflies Deadline.
19th July: The Last Day of Term and Graduation Day ( Party time!)

Finally, if you have any ideas to improve our services further or would like to volunteer your self for a storytelling session, playing a musical instrument, sharing a pet, talking about your job or any other such talents, please let us know. We would love to see you, even if it is just for a play and stay session.

Thank you for your ongoing support,
Chris, Clare, Bertie and all the team at Stepping Stones.

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