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Newsletter June 2016,

Posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2016 in Newsletters

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Dear Parents

Welcome to our Summer Newsletter.  This is a busy time of year and with forthcoming events and transitions to either new groups or new schools there is a lot of information to share.  For many of you this will be your last newsletter and with only four weeks left of the term it will be a sad time as we say ‘Goodbye.’  Hopefully with our graduation party, we will leave on a high note as we celebrate your children’s time with us.  Meanwhile we would like to take our time to thank you for all of your support and we would like to wish all of our Butterflies the best of luck on the next stage of their exciting journey.

Transition to Schools

Hopefully now you will have received your transition for school, could you please return these  by the 30th June.  Schools are very keen to receive them allowing them time to read them in readiness for September.  Please ensure that you write a comment as teachers love to hear your voice too.

Graduation Party

The Graduation Party will be taking place on our last day of term which is Monday the 18th of July.  Please note this is a week earlier than the school term!  The party will start at 2.00 p.m. and parents are welcome to join us at 3.00 for the last half hour, where the children will take part in a small performance and the presentations will take place.

Term Dates

As stated our last day of term is Monday the 18th July and children will return on Monday 5th September


The nursery is currently very busy, with all groups fully booked.  Unfortunately we will be unable to offer spaces until at least March 2017 for the Bumblebees, May for Caterpillars and very limited availability for the Butterflies.  Please bear this in mind if you are hoping to increase hours when your child is entitled to funding.   We do have a waiting list but give priority to existing parents when allocating waiting list spaces. We do work on a first come first serve basis, and in all case try to accommodate requests where possible.

Pack Lunches

Although we offer cooked lunches, we do understand that some of you prefer to bring packed lunches.  When bringing these in can we please ask parents to consider their contents.  We always encourage children to eat the healthiest option first and please note that we will not under any circumstances give chocolate or sweets.  Remember teaching children about the healthy options will set them up for life.


The use of the Stepping Stone App has proved very successful. All parents who have yet to download it, feel free to do so from the App Store for both Google and iPhone.

It is completely free and has all of the home learning and news letters updated automatically as well as easy messaging to keep us informed of days off. Don’t forget to register on the Parent Tab???

Books To Borrow.

Our books to borrow are proving very popular and at times we find it difficult to keep up with demand.  If you have any books that you have now finished with could you please return for others to enjoy, or if you have books that your child has outgrown they would be gratefully received and put to good use.


Can I please remind all parents that if your child is in any way under the weather, please could you refrain from bringing them to nursery.  Unfortunately this does have a knock on effect as illness does spread, not only among children but staff as well.  If your child had a temperature we expect them to stay away for 24 hrs.  For sickness and diarrhoea it is 48 hrs from when symptoms have ceased.  Please feel free to read our policies for further information.  Please consider that when a child is ill all they really want is their Mum or Dad.


We have increased fees for new children starting only. For all children starting from now onwards the new fees list is available on the web site. Fees for current children will remain the same for now, however we may need to review this at the start of 2017 when our staging date for pensions comes into place. We are conscious  of parents needs and will keep all increases to a minimum if we do need to review.

Staff Changes

As you are all probably aware staff within the setting do move around all the groups from time to time to suit the needs of the children and the nursery.  For a while I have not been included in the numbers but have moved around accordingly, however I now feel that I wish to go back to my roots and do what I really enjoy.  With this in mind I will be working within the Butterfly group alongside Hayley (Team Leader), Teresa, Katie, Katrina and Zoe who will be starting her level 3 in September.

The Caterpillars will consist of Laura Beardon (Team Leader), Zoe A, Jess, Rachel, Kimberley and Ness. Trina sadly but excitedly will be going on maternity leave from August.

The Bumblebees will be introduced to the new team leader Katie Jones who is currently a Team Leader  / Assistant manager for Puffins Day Nursery in Exeter. Katie has been joining us on odd days to get to know the routine and the children, she will be working with Lorraine, Naomi, Savi, as well as April who is joining us as an Apprentice Level 2. Jodie who has been our S.E.N.C.O. will also be incorporating THRIVE as part of her job role. Due to the quantity of children this will now be a full time position and will be working within all age groups to offer support and guidance to individual children.

Laura Pavley and Katie Bolt will be used within the nursery to enable staff to complete children’s profiles upon a more regular basis.


We are getting an increasing number of personal toys being brought into the nursery setting from home, which are either being lost or damaged. Please can we ask all parents to discourage the bringing of own toys as we cannot be responsible for loss or damage, they can be left on the coat pegs for collection when leaving but as per our policy comforters we can understand toys we have got lots and lots and lots ?

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents for their continued support if you have any concerns or questions our door is always open. Finally one last goodbye to all our leavers as they continue on the next part of their journey. We do hope you will make time to come and see us and tell us how you are doing.

Clare Chris Bertie and the Team at Stepping Stones 

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