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Mobile Phone Policy

Posted on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 in Our Policies

Mobile Phone Policy

Mobile Phones are not permitted within the vicinity of children, if a use of phone is needed staff are able to have access to the settings telephone.

  • All use of personal mobile phones must be restricted to tea or lunch breaks.
  • Safe and secure storage must be provided for the staff’s personal items.
  • The recording or sharing of images, video clips or audio material on any mobile phone is prohibited.

Work mobile 

It is an essential part of the SSDN emergency toolkit when taking children on short trips and outings.  It can also provide essential back up, if landline facilities are unavailable or when contact needs to be made out of hours. The work mobile does not have a camera however if for whatever reason it is not working and we need to use one of our own, the following must occur;

  • Only Team Leaders will have access to use these Mobiles.
  • All uses must be logged with date, time and explanation for use.
  • All uses must be witnessed.
  • When on outings the mobile must remain in a secure bag at all times unless needed for an emergency.
  • When taking children to the restrooms, the bag containing the mobile phone must remain outside with the other person.
  • All use of a mobile phone whilst children are present must be recorded by the designated safeguarding person.
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