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Posted on Thursday, March 19, 2020 in Newsletters

Dear Parents 

Please take the advice being given out by central government ‘ It is important that every child who can stay at home absolutely must’ and ‘Every child who can be safely cared for at home should be’

We have been contacted by St James who’ve clarified that they will be opening but only for children of statutory school age for children of key workers who has no safe alternative for childcare. Please do not contact them direct use the link below to source care if you are a high priority key worker with no other source of care available.

There is still the website link to follow below and also the opportunity to access possible childcare from individual staff via Tapestry. 

Emma Carey (the health team) has also contacted me today to say that if any parent needs to speak to a health visitor for what ever reason, they are still available by contacting the hub; 03332341904.

In addition:

Firstly a huge thank you to all parents offering help and support in many ways most importantly understanding the unprecedented situation we are all in.

We have put together some of the more frequently asked questions over the last 24 hrs some we have only just received ourselves.

Some of our staff may be available to care for your children in your own home. If you feel that this is something you may consider please don’t hesitate to speak to our staff members. 
In addition Devon County have provided a search tool see link it may take 48 hrs to become fully functional so bear with them.

In light of the fact we are not able to provide a service no further invoices will be issued until we reopen. Any credits will be carried forward to future invoices and child care sessions as deposits and refunded from sessions when open.

We are hoping to be open as soon as we are allowed, we do not expect this to be before September at the earliest, however rest assured we will open as soon as is practicable in this trying time.

All existing sessions and booked sessions will be reserved as they are now until we hear different from yourselves, we will understand if your circumstances dictate a change please do Email if you need to cancel or amend sessions as soon as you know.

Tapestry / School Leavers 

It is possible that we will not see any of our Butterflies as in September they will be scheduled to move onto their next exciting road of their learning journey. If this is the case then we will be offering a graduation party at some point so that we can say our Goodbyes properly. Please note that the staff will be doing the Butterflies transition reports in readiness for school and these will be available to upload from Tapestry. Once finished please turn on your Tapestry Notifications or log in regularly to check progress. 

Likewise parents will be able to have copies of their Tapestry once we re open the setting.

Many Thanks 
Chris and Clare and All at Stepping Stones

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