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Coronavirus COVID-19

Posted on Sunday, March 15, 2020 in Newsletters

The Nursery will remain open, in line with the current advice from the DfE and PHE. 

From today, if you have a TEMPERATURE or a NEW continuous dry cough, you should self isolate for seven days.

This applies to our staff team, parents/carers and the children.

Please do not send your child to Nursery if they have a temperature of 37.8°C or higher, or a new continuous cough. 

If your child develops either of these while at Nursery, we will call you immediately to come and collect them. 

 Please keep them at home for seven days.

We will continue to follow local authority and government advice and keep you updated. Please regularly visit our site as this is the easiest way to keep parents and carers up to date with our current situation.

We are expecting that as time progresses, we will have staff who are asked to self-isolate, this will mean that we will struggle as will many businesses to operate as usual. If this does arise having taken advice from Devon County, their suggestion is to suspend all funded only children IE those who attend from 9.45 to 17.00 who’s parents are not currently working. This will allow us to provide care to parents who are Doctors, Nurses or will be needed on the front line of the NHS or Care industry.  

The time that your child misses if we have to take that stance, we will make up doing the summer or before if possible.

We do understand that there is some uncertainty in the above but rest assured this action will only be taken as a last resort to ensure children in our care are kept as safe and as secure as possible during this challenging time.

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