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Caterpillar’s Learning Experiences W/c 30th January 2017

Posted on Sunday, January 29, 2017 in Caterpillars Learning

We are going to be thinking about sounds within the environment as we explore sound lotto with our Caterpillars this week.  Will you be able to recognise the sound of a telephone or a motor bike?  Lets find out.  There will also be a chance for you to make your sounds as we explore a range of musical instruments.  Which one is the loudest?

Alongside this, you will be able to explore your gross motor skills with the addition of streamer shakers to form lines and circles.  This activity aids writing in the later years and extending this further we will be experimenting with coloured paper and various textures and tools to create and encourage more mark making.

In the small world are we will be exploring the Farm yard to encourage further language and sounds from our little ones.  Can you make the sound of a pig or sheep?  How many Farm yard songs do you know?  Let’s learn together.

Over in the maths area, we will be looking at a range of different shape, colour and sized buttons.  As you fill and empty pots how will you sort yours?  Will you be able to count three into your container? How about six?    We will also be exploring prepositions as we set up scenarios for our teddies about where they are.  Will you find him under the bed or on the chair?  Will he be behind the sofa or in front of the window?  Can you put the teddy in the right place too?

As you know everyone needs a teddy for bed.  And so finally over in the home corner, we will be thinking about our bedtime routines as we put on our pyjamas, brush our teeth, wash our face read a story and snuggle down.  Good night!  Zzzzz.

Home Learning

  • Talk to me about the sounds we can hear when we go to the shops or the park.
  • Give me ribbons or scarves to hold as I dance to music.
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