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Caterpillar’s Learning Experiences W/c 27th February 2017

Posted on Sunday, February 26, 2017 in Caterpillars Learning

This week the Caterpillar’s are going to be exploring the importance of our dental hygiene. Through a variety of activities such as; making teeth in our art corner, reading the story ‘The Hungry Crocodile’ and even having toothbrushes and mirrors, the children will be able to see themselves and pretend to brush their teeth. Can you help the Crocodile to brush his teeth? Make sure you clean them properly!

‘Today’s the day the Caterpillar’s have a picnic!’ In the role-play area the children will be setting up their tea party for some very hungry teddy bears to come and visit, let’s hope they are friendly bears! Will you make them a cup of tea? What food are you going to bring along? How will you make the food?

Using the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar,’ the children will be exploring numbers and patterns following this storyline. How many Oranges did the Caterpillar eat? Can you count out the plums? The children will be able to organise the fruit by name, colour and size even create their own food pattern for the Caterpillar to eat.

To lead on from our farm shop, in the garden we will be exploring how food grows by playing with vegetables in soil. I wonder how a turnip grows? The children will be able to use tools such as; spades and rakes to dig them up as well as plant them again so they can grow anew. To link in with this activity, we will also be exploring the sounds of our environment by putting on our wellies and going for walks through leaves, soil, twigs and even paint. I wonder if you can make a nature picture with your feet. What sounds did you hear when you walked through the leaves? Did the soil feel squishy or hard?

Construction has been a big hit with the Caterpillar’s especially the magnetic shapes, so this week we will be exploring new ways to build. Using construction such as the rainbow stars, Duplo and peg boards the children will be able to join the materials together to create patterns, buildings and even enclosures. I wonder what materials you will use to build? Can you build it tall? How do they fit together?

Home Learning

  • It’s World Book Day on March 2nd. Why not come into Nursery wearing your pyjama’s and get comfy in our book corner and read your favourite stories.
  • Why not buy some seeds from the garden centre, these could be flowers or vegetables and plant them in your garden. Don’t forget they need lots of water, sun and care for them to grow big.
  • When you’re out walking, talk about the sounds that you can hear around you and what you think they are.
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