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Caterpillar’s Learning Experiences W/c 23rd January 2017

Posted on Sunday, January 22, 2017 in Caterpillars Learning

From the interest of matching amounts to the quantity, we will be extending it on as the children think about size.  Can we build a tower of three bricks?  How about ten?  Which one is taller? Lets build it and find out.  From the interest of the dinosaurs look out for the numbered ones!  Will you be able to put the correct number of spikes on each one?  Yes, you got it the dinosaurs are staying for another week, they are just so much fun.  However look out for their foot prints as we think about spacial awareness and balancing on each one.

The babies too have been a great success. However, they all seem to be feeling a little under the weather and so Doctors and Nurses are needed to make them better.  Telephone for that appointment now!

We’re making the malleable a little trickier this week as we add beads to water to collect into pots using tweezers.  Will you be able to pick them up?  What colours will you choose? Meanwhile outside the sand will be soapy to encourage building with bricks just like cement.  Will you be able to use the builder tools?  Finally, it experimentation time as we discover the smells and colours through tea.  After last week where we introduced teapots and cups for pouring, we will be extending this interest by watching the effects of warm and cold water on herbal teabags. I wonder what will happen if we mix two different bags together?

Home Learning

  • Let me explore what full and empty looks like when I’m playing in the bath with plastic bottles.
  • Let me dress up using grown up clothes, pieces of fabric, hats and bags so that I can pretend to be somebody else.
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