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Caterpillar’s Learning Experiences W/c 20th February 2017

Posted on Sunday, February 19, 2017 in Caterpillars Learning

Last week was such a success that we have decided to extend on in all areas. Due to the busyness of the Farm Shop, they need a loan to buy a tractor and trailer for home deliveries.  Together the children will be building their own out of boxes and materials.  I wonder what colour they will paint it and how big the trailer is going to be? From our Farm shop and exploration of food through feel and touch we will be exploring the new textures of raw and cooked food such as spaghetti and pasta.  There will be an opportunity to practice our cutting skills as we prepare and cut up fruit and vegetables for our snacks and lunches.  Alongside this will also explore the sense of taste as we experiment with tasting different food, including our very own recipes.

From exploring the magnets and encouraging a range of creations and building, we are now thinking about how to build houses, sheds, barns and enclosures as we introduce small world people and animals into the mix.  Will you be able to build a big enough shed for an elephant and how tall does a house for a giraffe need to be?  Lets measure and test out our ideas on the way.

The Emergency vehicles, as usual, has been a huge success with lots of happy people being rescued.  Now’s the time to look at people who can make us better as we introduce the Doctors, Nurses and hospital into our play.  With books and dressing up clothes to bring it to life, we can see all the different things that Doctors and Nurses can do to make us better.

The concept of big and little is still being explored with the use of tweezers to encourage fine motor skills as they pop large pom pom’s into the correct sized holes and slot buttons into the correct sized slots.  It’s more complicated than you think!

Home Learning

  • Let me make patterns with lids like “small, big, small”.
  • Let me taste food from different countries and cultures.
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