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Caterpillar’s Learning Experiences W/c 13th February 2017

Posted on Sunday, February 12, 2017 in Caterpillars Learning

Where does our food come from?  This week we are going down to the farm to discover where our milk, butter, eggs and vegetables come from.  Once these are cleaned and prepared, we will be packing them up into rustic boxes and selling them to our customers.

Our customers will be exploring these foodstuffs and textures further as they use utensils and pots and pans to explore and mix to create some great menus.  Jamie Oliver, here we come! 

Our children have been fascinated with ‘mobilo’ and have enjoyed making Fire Engines with extra long ladders.  With some children being interested in their Mummies and Daddies jobs now is the time to investigate some of these occupations starting with the ever popular emergency vehicles.  With Flashing Blue Lights we’ll soon be at the rescue. Outside look out for our different level roadways and ramps as we explore the world of cars. Which one will go the fastest?  Will there be room to pass?  How do we get from there to there?

Linking into this and following the current interest of construction we will be introducing the use of magnets as we encourage building with our magnetic blocks and shapes.  How do they stick together?  What shapes do you recognise?  Can you make a cube?  Meanwhile, outside we will be using Rainbow stars as we explore colours to build with.

From our opposites, we have noticed that we need to work on the concept of Big and Little and so our Maths shelf will be focusing on this area as we provide big and small objects to place into big and small pots, as well as thinking about grading as we stack from big to small.

Home Learning

  • Talk about Big and small in relation to my family.  Who is the biggest?  Let me take the shoes out of the cupboard and place them in size order.
  • Let’s read a recipe together and bake a cake.  Bring it into the nursery to share with my friends at tea.
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