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Butterflies Learning Experiences W/c 6th February 2017

Posted on Sunday, February 5, 2017 in Butterflies Learning

With the interest of mini beasts taking a strong hold and the enjoyment of the homes and buildings that we created, this week we will be thinking about making them for our tiny creatures.  It’s time to once again build our bug hotel, create places for spiders to build webs and maybe collect some ants to see them tunnel in our ant dome.  Keep an eye out on your walks because it will soon be time for frogspawn too.

From creating patterns, we will be exploring shapes and letters as we provide play dough as a base for printing with Lego bricks.   Will you be able to make a circle, a rectangle or a straight line?  Maybe you will be able to create some letters of your name.  Let’s give it a go.  Fine motor skills are still something to be continued, and as we discover colours, we will be putting the tweezers to the test.  Will you be able to pick up and correctly place the red pompom down the red tube?  Can you name your chosen colour before you start?

Last week the children enjoyed their baby role play and to extend it further we will be getting the pushchairs out as we get our babies ready to attend the health clinic.  Here they will be weighed and measured to ensure that they are progressing well.  Don’t forget you can buy your baby milk here too as well as meet other Mums while you play and stay.

Sequencing has been key within the last few weeks as we have thought about the order that we do things when carrying out simple everyday activities.  Therefore on our literacy shelf, we will be thinking about the order of stories and create our own with the aid of a selection of puppets and small world toys to boost our imaginations.  Don’t forget stories have a beginning, a middle and an end.

Home Learning

  • Make a puppet theatre with me from a cardboard box and puppets, cut out comics or pictures from websites, to help me make up new stories.
  • Take me on a bug hunt in the garden, park or woods.  Let me take photos of my discoveries.
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