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Butterflies Learning Experiences W/c 23rd January 2017

Posted on Sunday, January 22, 2017 in Butterflies Learning

The sea life animals have been a great success within the water play, and so we will be introducing the wonderful story of ‘ Sharing a Shell’ into the equation as children have the opportunity to act it out with the relevant props.  This fits in superbly with our rhyming shelf which is a keen point of interest at this present time.

Because children have enjoyed creating models of transport through construction, this week we will be taking it a step further as we use a range of media and materials to create a busy roadside coastal scene.  Will your aeroplane soar high above the clouds?  Will your boat float or sink to the bottom of the sea?  In the outside area, we will be thinking about people who help us when we’re in town.  Look out for the Lollipop Person to help us across the road and the Police who will help us if we are lost?  As we think about crossing the roads, we will also be creating stop signs, traffic lights and zebra and pelican crossings to be used within our play.

From our water investigation, it has been highlighted how much fun washing clothes is and so outside we will be hanging them out to dry.  I wonder what effects the weather will have on them?  Will they become frosty and crisp or will the sun come out to dry?  How will they feel?  Can we find words to describe them?

Home Learning

  • Help me to use some of my toys to make up a story.
  • Make up silly rhymes with me where we use words that begin with the same ltteror the words all rhyme like “cat” , “bat” and “hat”.
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