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Bumblebee’s Learning Experiences W/c 9th January 2017

Posted on Sunday, January 8, 2017 in Bumblebees Learning, To Post

‘We’re going to the zoo!’ As the bumblebees have enjoyed exploring the different animals on the farm this week, we will now be travelling to the Jungle and Savanah Plains to find the different animals that live here. Using our green netting and leaves we will try to recreate the habitats which the animals live in, let’s hope they like it and want to stay and play with us! We will be exploring the names and sounds the animals make to help encourage the children to use their speech. What noise does a lion make? Can you make the sound of a Monkey?

The bumblebees will be becoming little Scientists this week as we explore how we change water from a liquid into ice. The children have enjoyed pouring and scooping the water so much that this week we will be continuing this interest by using the ice to see what happens as we play with it. Are your fingers getting cold? Can you scoop the water up?

Outside we will be continuing our farm investigation through malleable play. Using mud and hay to create different textures the children will be able to get messy and start to sort and categorise the animals into groups. Does the Pig like the mud? Where does the Horse live?

We will also be becoming apprentice builders this week by using lots of different coloured and sized bricks to help us make and create a variety of structures. As well as this we will also be encouraging some numeral language by helping the children to count out how many bricks they have used to build their towers. How tall can you make your tower? Can you use the red bricks?

Home Learning

  • Let’s exploring counting at home! While we are playing, feeding me at lunch or even brushing my hair count to me so I can start to learn my numbers.
  • Do you have any pets at home? Talk about the names of the animals and the sounds they make. Do you have any unusual animals are home? Why not bring in some pictures so we can put them up in our room!
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