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Bumblebee’s Learning Experiences W/c 8th August 2016

Posted on Sunday, August 7, 2016 in Bumblebees Learning

The Bumblebee’s are starting to become more and more independent and have started to feed themselves at lunch times. To encourage this further we will be having our home corner back with a variety of bowls and utensils for the children to make their own food and feed themselves. As well as this we will be helping some of our younger children to get walking by having toys on table tops to pull themselves up and walkers so they can explore the room independently.

How do you feel today? We will be exploring our emotions using pictures of ourselves and our friends as well as our soft potato heads. The Bumblebee’s will be able to create their own emotions by attaching different mouths, eyes and eyebrows to the heads to create lots of different faces. He looks very angry. She looks surprised. As well as this we will be looking at how we can replicate these emotions with our own faces by looking in some mirrors and seeing how we can change our face.

What can you feel? What can you see? The Bumblebee’s will be able to experience their own sensory den this week exploring their senses of touch, sight and hearing. We will be providing torches for the children to shine around the den to find lots of different textured items. Is it hard? Or is it soft? I wonder how you will use the items. The Bumblebees will be able to think creatively by finding new ways to use these objects within their play, will you build a tower of cushions? Can you hide under the scarves? The options are endless!

Trains have been a really big hit with the bumblebee’s so to continued this interest we will be looking at how to connect different objects together. Using the trains as inspiration we will also have some teddy links, giant chain links and some keys and rings. The children will be able to develop their fine motor skills by exploring ways of linking the objects together by pushing, pulling and even slotting them together.

Home Learning

  • At tea times let me try to feed myself with my spoon first. I may need some encouraging but with your help I will get better.
  • Let’s build our own den! Help me find cushions, blankets and materials to build and balance together to make a dark corner. We can then find torches as well as my favourite toys so I can experience a new environment to play in.
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