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Bumblebee’s Learning Experiences W/c  3rd January 2017

Posted on Sunday, January 1, 2017 in Bumblebees Learning

Happy New Year!  With a New Year brings new children and after saying Goodbye to our older Bumblebees who have now become Caterpillars, it is time to learn all about you again. This week we will be introducing a simple role play scenario with an opportunity to explore what Mummies and Daddies do in the kitchen.  There will be the chance to make tea and share lovely dinners with our friends after cooking on our hob.  Don’t forget to wash up afterwards!

For our younger babies, we will be all about exploring as we set up a quiet area with soft lights filled with treasure baskets and heuristic play.  What will you discover?

In our construction area, we will be learning about balance as we build towers to knock down using a range of construction.  Will you be able to connect?  Can you build a tower of three?

Outside we will be getting physical as we practice climbing, walking and ball skills.  Alongside there will be pull and push toys to manoeuvre around the playground.  Will you be able to negotiate corners and tight spaces?

Back inside we will be introducing a range of farm books to introduce language and sounds as we explore our small world farm.  Weather depending we will be taking a walk to the local farm to see the animals for real.  Lastly look out for our water tray as we explore colours.  With resources to encourage filling and emptying, I wonder what colours we will create?

Home Learning

  • I need to play with things and find out what I can do with my hands, feet and body.  Let me have my favourite things around me.
  • Let me lift the flaps in a board book and share my excitement in what is behind the flap!
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