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Bumblebee’s Learning Experiences W/c 29th August 2016

Posted on Sunday, August 28, 2016 in Bumblebees Learning

The Bumblebee’s will be exploring the Summer Seaside this week through small world play looking at land and sea. The children will be able to take the small world people on a boat, ferry, and even a canoe and take them to travel across the sea. Keep an eye out for those Dolphins and Seals, we don’t want to miss them! On land the people will be able to visit the beach and have a lovely picnic. Will your person play any games at the beach? The children will be able to act out their own stories and incorporate scenarios of when they went to the beach and built a sand castle, or swam in the sea. It looks like your person had a lovely day at the beach!

The Bumblebee’s have enjoyed the friction cars and activity cubes exploring how to make them work, so this week we will be developing on this interest by having out some ICT and How It Works toys. The children will be able to push, twist and spin buttons and levers to make different sounds and watch as doors open and close. We will have a range of How It Works toys out from large Rubix cubes for the children to explore how to twist and turn objects, coloured magnifying glasses so we can explore different colours, and pretend cameras to press the buttons to make sounds and have pictures taken. Can you turn the wheel? Let’s press the button! What will happen when we pull the lever?

We will also be developing our fine motor skills by having out our large puzzles and Giant peg boards. The children will be able to match colours as well as mix them by placing the pegs into the boards. Can you find the red pegs? Where are the blue pegs? Let’s count them!

Let’s get building! The Bumblebee’s are going to be getting busy building lots of towers this week. Using a variety of different sized bricks we will be seeing who can build the tallest one before it falls over. We will be encouraging counting by helping to count out how many bricks have been used as well as the language of size talking about which of the bricks are bigger or smaller. That’s a big tower! Shall we count, one, two, three? Can you find a small brick?

Home Learning

  • Explore the land and sea in a more malleable way. You can take a trip to the beach or set up a paddling pool with water and sand in your garden. If you don’t have a paddling pool use some buckets or trays. Have a range of saucepans, spoons, cups, sieves, moulds and bowls for me to fill and empty with water and sand and even build castles with. What happens if we mix the sand and water together?
  • What ICT toys do we have at home? Torches, remotes, camera’s or a CD player? Let me explore how these work. Do I have to press buttons? Flick a switch? Or twist something around? Help me to discover how they work and what happens once I’ve pressed the buttons.
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