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Bumblebee’s Learning Experiences W/c 27th February 2017

Posted on Sunday, February 26, 2017 in To Post

The Bumblebees have been very intrigued by blowing bubbles recently so to encourage this we are going to have a large tray with soapy water and cups, funnels and some wands for the children to blow some bubbles. Inside we are going to be playing with feathers and tissue paper trying to blow them, so they float through the air. You are doing so well! Let’s blow a big bubble. Can you blow a big bubble?

In our small world sea scene, we are going to be adding strips of material so the older children can practise their fine motor skills by threading the resources through the netting. Adding stones, shells, diggers and even some tractors to this small world area will encourage our younger Bumblebees to fill and empty the trucks. This activity will link with our construction area where we are going to explore how to fill and empty various sized buckets, bowls and containers. The children will have a range of objects to sort into their containers as well as use them to build structures. Can you build a tower?

The children are enjoying transporting their toys around the room, so following this interest, we are going to be helping with the washing. Using buckets and the role-play washing machine the children will be able to move the clothes from the bucket to the washing machine and back again once it has finished. We will have a variety of different materials for the Bumblebees to explore the texture of them. Can you fill the washing machine? That feels smooth!

The Bumblebees are going to be exploring puppets this week by using them to aid with singing songs as well as within their imaginative play. Is your puppet happy? Is it going to the park? What song shall we sing?

Home Learning

  • It’s World Book Day on March 2nd. Why not come into Nursery wearing your pyjama’s and get comfy in our book corner and read your favourite stories.
  • Let me explore textures at home. Use food such as; jelly, beans, pasta, cooked spaghetti (the list goes on) talk to me about how they feel when we play with them. This might get very messy!
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