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Bumblebee’s Learning Experiences W/c 22nd August 2016

Posted on Sunday, August 21, 2016 in Bumblebees Learning

Welcome to the Stepping Stones Shop! Make sure you come in to buy the freshest fruit and vegetables around town! The children will be able to play with real food placing them in baskets and trolleys to carry them around the room. I wonder what you will buy? How much will it cost? To link in with this we will also be able to play with our vegetables in the sand, leaving imprints and drawing patterns with them. What marks will the carrot make? Look! The swede has made a circular shape.

The Bumblebee’s have been very keen to talk about and looking at pictures of their families. This will be further encouraged by having the dolls house outside for the children to act out familiar scenarios from home life. What do we do when we go upstairs?  What do we use a kitchen for? Where do you eat?  Alongside, we will be looking at stories as well as using our own family books. Who can you see? Is that you?   

Let’s explore the bugs!  Inside we will be using the small world insects and a variety of leaves, twigs, stones and logs to create houses and environments for the bugs to live in. What animals can you see? Will they live under the leaves? Or will they climb on the logs? Outside, we will continue searching for different types of bugs that are living around our garden and try to capture some pictures of them. What animas will we find? Did you see the spider on his web?

Finally the Bumblebee’s will be able to explore rhythm and sound using their musical instruments. We will have a variety of instruments on offer such as; saucepans, xylophones, wooden shakers, drums and even some tambourines. We will be able to use our feet, hands and beaters to make lovely sounds and explore new ways of playing the instruments. Can you tap it on the ground, or maybe even use another instrument to hit them together to create a whole new sound? We will be adding to our shelf throughout the week our own hand made instruments that can be hit or shaken. I wonder what you will make? Will it make a loud or quiet sound?

Home Learning

  • We will be making our own family books this week, so feel free to bring in lots of family pictures for the Bumblebee staff to make lovely books of your family. Don’t forget to tell us who each person is so when we look through them at Nursery we can help identify who everyone is.
  • Let’s explore sounds at home! We can use a range of items such as; large bricks banging together, using utensils to bang on the cupboard doors or fridge, or even using our hands to tap on the tables. Look around your home to see what different items you can find and think of new and interesting ways to make sounds with them!
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