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Bumblebee’s Learning Experiences W/c 1st August 2016

Posted on Sunday, July 31, 2016 in Bumblebees Learning

‘Choo, Choo, we’re coming to the station.’  The Bumblebee’s will be going on an animal adventure this week, where do you think they might visit? Making sure that we are fully camouflaged to our surrounding the children will be able to push their trains around helping to develop movement for some of our younger Bumblebee’s as well as explore the different animals and the sounds that they make. To help encourage speech we will also be looking at flashcards of lots of animals, trying to name them and replicate their sounds. What noise does a Monkey make? Can you make the sound of a Tiger? We will also be looking at other words, pictures and vehicles from our baby sign for the children to imitate.

Coloured buckets will be added to our construction shelf this week for the children to explore transportation and sorting. Can you fill the bucket up with toys? Where will you take it? The children will be able to move their toys around the room and use them to build towers with. As well as building we will be looking at shape sorting using our sorters to help develop fine motor skills by pushing shapes through holes and slotting envelopes through our post box. Can you find the square hole? It’s a circle!

The Bumblebee’s have become very independent and are choosing to help with putting on their own shoes and coats before going outside. To continue this interest we will be having our dressing up costumes as well as shoes, socks and clothes outside for the children to try and get themselves dressed. Will you be a firefighter and put out fires? Or will you be a princess trapped in a tower?

We will be exploring a new texture of cooked spaghetti this week for the children to touch and play with. The Bumblebee’s will get the chance to sit emerged in the spaghetti and watch as it falls through their fingers and explore how it feels when it touches them. Does it feel slimy? Is it fun to watch it fall?

Home Learning

  • Let’s look for animals on our walks to town or Nursery. You might see a cat, dog or even a squirrel, talk about where they might live and the sounds they make.
  • Explore different construction materials at home. Can you build a tower of pans? Or even a pile of cushions? You can even use the pots and pans to transport your toys around the room. Get creative and have some fun with the different materials you use.
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