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Bumblebee’s Learning Experiences W/c 16th January 2017

Posted on Sunday, January 15, 2017 in Bumblebees Learning

With our younger Bumblebees beginning too settle, we will be setting up a cosy corner with cushions, soft mats, soft bricks and books to enable relationships to be made and an opportunity for tummy time.  Let us kick those legs and stretch our bodies as we lift our head to look around or reach out for toys that we want to explore.

Over in our construction area, we will be adding coloured buckets to our selection of construction bricks to fill and empty.  With colour in mind, the children will be encouraged to sort and categorise their bricks into the relevant buckets. Moving on from construction but still being busy with their hands, the Bumblebees will be enjoying the texture and sensation of play dough as they mould shapes and use dry spaghetti to prod and poke. I wonder what you will make?

Outside we will be using our fine motor skills to hold various mark making tools to decorate large cardboard boxes inside and out.  I wonder what will be more fun, climbing in or drawing?  Meanwhile back indoor we will be introducing babies into our home corner learning how to be kind and gentle with our younger siblings and of course the new Bumblebees that have just joined us.  Will you read your baby doll a story, give them a cuddle or play with them?  Are they happy or sad?  What will make them feel better?

Let’s get imaginative while looking at how things move?  This week we will be looking at different vehicles, how they move and what sounds they make.  Will a lorry move slower than a car or a bike?  How does a boat or an aeroplane move?  Does a bike have more or fewer wheels than a car?  What is so special about a train?  As we think about movement, outside we will be encouraging some of our older children to move in different ways through an obstacle course of our making.  Will you be able to climb the box to the slide, crawl through a tunnel or jump into a hoop?  Let’s find out!

Home Learning

  • I need to play with lots of different things to find out what I can do with them: scarves, rattles, boxes, safe mirrors.
  • Give me a bowl of soapy water so that I can wash my doll.
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