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Bumblebee’s Learning Experiences W/c 15th August 2016

Posted on Sunday, August 14, 2016 in Bumblebees Learning

Let’s explore the trains more! The Bumblebee’s have enjoyed pushing and pulling the trains so much, that this week we will be having our very own train station. Incorporating mathematics we will place numbers on each unit so we can encourage the children to count out how many trains they can see as well as how many are in each slot. We will also be seeing if our trains can follow a wiggly line, straight line or even a zig zagging one, using masking tape to make different tracks for the trains to follow. Can you follow the line? How many trains can you see? Where will your train go?

Let’s get our taste buds tingling! The Bumblebee’s will be doing some very exciting taste testing this week, looking at different types of fruits and vegetables. Using the spoons and bowls provided the children will be able to feed themselves these foods and say if they like them or not. Did you like the peppers? Was the lemon nice? That was a funny face you just pulled! The children will also get the chance to talk about the colours and textures of each fruit. Was the carrot hard? What colour was the apple? Did the banana feel soft?

Continuing with the theme of colours on our construction shelf. Using large mega blocks and some 2D shape pictures the children will be able to match the block to the correct coloured shape as well as talk about what the colour might be. Is the triangle blue? Can you find a red brick? What colour is the block? The children will also get the chance to build and balance their very own towers seeing how tall they can make them stand. Again maths will come into this play as we encourage the children to count out how many they have used to make their towers. Shall we count your tower? 1, 2, 3…

The Bumblebee’s have really enjoyed the sensory den this week so to extend this activity on further we will be adding a ball pool for the children to explore. I wonder what might be in there? The children will be able to immerse themselves within the pool using their sense of sight and touch to explore this new and intriguing area. Will you take a toy with you? Can you lie in the pool? Can you roll a ball to your friends?

Home Learning

  • I like tasting new things! Let me try some fruits and vegetables at home. We can try normal fruits or go a bit exotic with maybe a dragon fruit or even a lychee. Talk to me about how it tastes and what it feels like. I want to learn more about the foods around me.
  • Help me with counting at home. We can count how many plates are needed for tea, how many teddies I have in my bed or on a walk to town count how many cars we can spot or even how many dogs we can see.
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