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Assessing in Partnership Policy

Posted on Monday, June 15, 2015 in Our Policies

Assessing in Partnership

Stepping Stones Day Nursery believes that for any assessment of development to be meaningful and useful, a holistic view of a child should be obtained.  This will be best realised when parents, the child and all practitioners and professionals who know or have involvement with the child, participate fully in the assessment process.

The role of parents

Stepping Stones Day Nursery has always maintained that parents are he child’s first and main educator and that they know their children best.  By the sharing of their in-depth knowledge of their child’s physical, emotional and language development over time, Stepping Stones recognises that it will lead to improved cognitive, social and emotional outcomes for the children in their care.

To ensure success parents and practitioners should reflect on;

  • what a child likes to do
  • what the child is trying to master or has just learned
  • what new words / language structures are emerging
  • what particular interests or patterns in play and exploration are observed at the moment

By considering the points rose above, parents and practitioners of the setting will be able to plan together and think through ideas of how to extend the child’s learning.  Therefore learning opportunities and next steps can be planned not only for the setting, but also for when the child is at home.  In conclusion this process will support parents in their knowledge allowing them the confidence in how to extend and strengthen the early home learning environment.

In order to be successful

We need to ensure that all documents and discussions are

  • Clear and easy to read
  • Understandable, avoiding unfamiliar jargon, acronyms or terminology (with interpretation and translation available where appropriate)
  • Truthful, yet sensitive reflection of what their child can do and their achievements to date
  • Identifying areas where the child is progressing at a slower pace than expected
  • Recognising parent’s in-depth knowledge of their child by incorporating their observations and comments
  • Giving parents an idea of how their child’s development will be taken forward in the setting.
  • Providing some suggestions for parent’s in supporting their child at home
  • Always reflecting their child’s personality and characteristics

Stepping Stones believes that all parents are entitled to participate in the assessment process and should be encouraged to do so.  The setting appreciates that some will find this more difficult than others.  In these cases the setting will endeavour to support all parents to engage through the establishment of respectful and positive relationships.

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