Child Care Okehampton


The aim of our Day Nursery is to provide a happy, caring, safe and secure environment, enabling the children in our care to thrive and be stimulated through their surroundings, activities and resources. Our warm and positive atmosphere, encourages children to learn through play.  We are aware that children are individuals and each take their own particular route to learning and so it is up to us as practitioners to identify that journey and explore all avenues, to encourage the child to extend their learning. We should be aware of the child’s personal, social and emotional requirements and we must never lose sight that the child’s learning has already started in their own home and will continue after nursery hours. painted hand Therefore to be completely successful we need to have a partnership with parents, enabling the sharing of information and ideas. Our main aim is to make the nursery a happy place, somewhere for the children to have fun and enjoy this early experience away from home. To help make this adjustment successful we attempt to keep all practitioners working within the same age group. We operate a key worker system, giving the children and parents a familiar person to relate to. Each child is encouraged to progress at his or her own pace following their own interests and needs, whilst integrating with the group as a whole. The children are not forced beyond their capabilities, but sufficient stimulus is provided for them to draw on. Our staff hold various qualifications ranging from BA Hons in Childhood Studies to Level Two, all team leaders hold a Level Three qualification or above and many of our staff have worked with children for many years. Developing young children’s learning is complex and demanding, we recognise that children do learn by example and so it is paramount that the adults have an enthusiastic and positive approach with sound morals. We take great care when recruiting new practitioners to look for qualities of understanding, sensitivity and patience and we are as much concerned with a candidates general potential as with their academic qualifications; important though these are.